Our firm has provided trial consulting services in every kind of case that can be litigated and for almost every type of client. Our clients rang from Fortune 500 companies to individuals who have very limited resources but have been the victim of tragic circumstances.

Although some consulting services limit their practice to a “wheelhouse” where they feel comfort, we have found that by working in a variety of cases, contexts, and jurisdictions, we are able to bring new ideas and novel approaches to serious problems. While working on a family law case, our experience in high-stakes commercial litigation often proves to be essential to providing the best possible outcome for our client. In litigating probate cases, our experience handling family law cases can be directly applicable to the emotions that one deals with in those types of cases. By handling both civil and criminal cases, we are able to predict how a judge is likely to rule on jury selection issues in courtrooms where a judge is handling both types of case. The diversity of our practice is one of our greatest strengths.

Practice Areas Include:

Bad Faith Insurance
Brain Injury
Capital Murder
Catastrophic Injury
Civil Rights
Commercial Litigation
Criminal Defense

Domestic Violence
Family Law
Federal tax fraud
Intellectual Property
Medical Malpractice
Real Estate Litigation
Sexual Assault
Sexual Harassment
Patent Law

Property Tax Collection
Trade Secret
Trucking Accidents
Trust and Estates
Wrongful Death
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Nursing Homes
Professional Malpractice
Public Corruption
Police Use of Force
White Collar Criminal